About LuxeCycle

How is a LUXE cycling class different from a gym cycling class? How is the rhythmic style different?

At LUXE we go beyond physical movement. We’ll move you musically, emotionally, and physically to connect mind and body. Our rhythmic instructors teach upper body movements and use hand weights to enhance the cardio/leg workout. Rhythmic is fun and provides an all body workout – anyone can do it and all are welcome.

What class should I take if I've never taken a cycling class before?

LUXE 101! If you’re just getting started or if you want to get back to basics, this is the class for you! We will make sure you get the attention you need while building your confidence and preparing you for the next level. We will teach you rhythmic moves, after all that is what makes the class fun and productive. It’s not all work and no play, you’ll also get a full workout engaging your core and arms during your journey.

How many calories should I expect to burn in a 45-minute class?

An average cyclist can expect to burn 500-700 calories. Calorie burn depends on several factors, like your weight and how much you put into the ride. Come take a class to find out how many calories you actually burn.

What parts of my body get worked out during class?

You’ll workout for your core, butt, arms, back, and legs. We’ll also stimulate your mind and your heart. It’s a head-to-toe workout.

If I haven't worked out in a while, how do I pace myself in class?

It’s important to listen to your body during any workout. If needed, lessen the resistance on your bike, pedal at a rate that works for you, and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right. At Luxe you are in the driver’s seat of your workout! Stick with it and you’ll find that your abilities increase with every ride.

If I'm going to a class with friends, do we all need to book separately?

Each person will need to sign up for their first ride and complete a little information about themselves. Once you have established an account, you may, of course, show your friend a little love and book a class for her/him. 🙂

Do you offer discounts if I buy more than one class at a time?

Yes, we offer a per class system or provide you with class package options that are discounted based upon the class package you select. The more you ride, the more love we show you!

Do you offer lockers?

While we offer open storage bins, the firehouse is not big enough for lockers. We encourage that valuables be left in a locked car or stored in sight near your bike.

Do you offer monthly membership?

Yes! Check out our pricing page.

Is there any way I can make my seat more comfortable?

Try padded cycling shorts or a gel seat cover. The more you ride, the less sore you will be.

What should I wear to class?

Something comfortable that allows you to move is best. You’re going to work it, so wear something that’s light and keeps you cool. We recommend using cycling shoes with ‘recessed’ SPD cleats for added power and comfort but they are not required and sneakers are OK.

Can I wear tennis/running shoes rather than cycling shoes to class?

Our bikes offer standard SPD clips and old school cages that work with any shoes. You will get the most from your workout wearing cycling shoes. While we do not rent them, we recommend cycle shoes with ‘recessed’ SPD cleats that allow power, comfort, and added style.

What is the minimum age and height to take a class?

Anyone 12 years old and up can ride with us. We ask that riders be at least 4’11” to best fit on our bikes and ensure rider safety.

What If I'm pregnant, can I take a class?

We’d love to help you stay fit with your pregnancy. Please do check with your doctor and discuss her / his recommendation before you join us in a class.

About LuxeBarre

What is Luxe Barre?

Luxe Barre is a one hour, mindfully intense Pre-Choreographed Barre class that uses the Ballet Barre, dumbells, thera bands, and 9” inflatable fitness ball. It’s more athletic in its approach and is created using the most progressive techniques and cutting edge choreography set to amazing music.

What are the benefits of Luxe Barre?

  • Sculpted arms
  • Long, lean legs
  • Lifted Seat
  • Flexibility
  • Improved balance
  • Better body alignment
  • Healthy heart
  • Higher bone density

What should I wear to class?

You should wear pants, either leggings or capris (no shorts) and a top you are comfortable working out in. For your feet, either sneakers or sticky socks that prevent you from sliding on the floor.

What should I bring to class?

We provide all the equipment you would need to take the class, so just bring water, a towel, and your lovely self!

Should I arrive early for my first class?

We recommend that you arrive about 10-15 minutes early for your first class just to go over some key details before you begin your first Luxe Barre class. We lay out all your equipment for you and answer any questions you may have beforehand.

Can men take class?

Of course! We always welcome men to try our classes. We have already had a few men try our class, and they continue to come back for more.

Can I take class while pregnant?

If you have been taking barre regularly, Luxe Barre can continue to be a safe and effective workout for you while pregnant. It is best to consult your doctor first before you perform any kind of exercise. Our instructor has been trained to teach pregnant women and provides many modifications throughout the class.

What is the flow of the class?

Each Luxe Barre class begins with a warm up, then moves to plank/pushup with work done on the mat and using weights. We then move to upper body where we work our biceps and triceps, then our shoulders and back. Next, we go into core work on the mat. After we worked through those tracks, we enjoy a mid-class stretch. The second half of the class involves us moving to the barre to work our thighs and seat. In addition, we do a bridge work/core track and finish the class with a final stretch. The flow continues to stay the same, but we always change up the music and choreography so you never know what to expect!